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We know that building a market connected achievement culture is a key part of our transformation into becoming the lower Gulf’s leading beverage company. To achieve our vision we need the right people; people that are talented, passionate about what they do, innovative and committed to achieving results.

An achievement culture is where we pursue a standard of excellence, maintain personal integrity, be supportive of others and cooperate with others. We recognise there is a strong relationship between culture and performance and are continuously working to improve on building an achievement culture

Underpinning our vision are four values that are key to building a market connected achievement culture:
Acting with integrity
Achieving Together
Being sociable

Our particular focus is on our Leaders who help our people to achieve results and make Dubai Refreshments a great place to work. Successful Leaders at Dubai Refreshments not only deliver consistently strong results but they also deliver them in the right way. We are not just interested in what people deliver, but how they deliver. We know this is critical to our ability to plan for the future growth of our business.

We develop Leaders in our business to: 
Provide clear direction and make people feel like they can make a difference

Help create a market connected achievement culture by developing highly engaged teams to make Dubai Refreshments a great place to work

Demonstrate a constructive style to help grow / develop others and attract and retain great people
Deliver results for today and build for tomorrow
Be skilled in using our people processes / tools
Set stretching goals, hold people accountable and put in disciplined processes to measure achievement
We have specific measures in place to ensure we are on track in building the right culture and have put

We expect our people to be passionate about our brands, our consumers and our people, to care enough to get involved, to recognise mistakes and learn from them and to deal with the hard issues up front. It's about doing what you say you'll do and helping others.

Diversity at Dubai Refreshments

At Dubai Refreshments our core purpose is to make our world a more sociable place. We value sociability and aim to leave everyone with a positive impression of Dubai Refreshments and our people. We embrace the diversity of our people, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to help us achieve our purpose.
Diversity means all the ways that we are different from each other. It includes visible differences such as age, gender, ethnicity and physical appearance; as well as underlying differences such as thinking styles, religion, nationality, family situation, sexual preference and education.

From a business perspective we believe a diverse workforce enriches our environment and leads to greater creativity, improved leadership effectiveness, increased self-actualisation, a more fulfilling career experience, and greater engagement with our people and key external stakeholders. From an individual perspective we believe that this approach creates an environment without artificial barriers in which people are able to be the best they can be, really make a difference and have a great time doing it. We also believe the team is made stronger by the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of our people.

At Dubai Refreshments diversity is not a separate initiative; rather it is central to all aspects of our working lives and is embodied in our values.

We provide flexible work arrangements to recognise the unique circumstances of individuals and we provide a diverse range of career opportunities across the Dubai Refreshments Group. Our people processes, including our recruitment process and our policies, ensure that individuals are treated fairly and that rewards are linked directly to behaviors and results. It is the responsibility of every Dubai Refreshments team member to create an environment of trust and mutual respect that enhances our personal experiences and business results, making our world a more sociable place 



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