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  1. DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER’S OFFICE – handles entirely Sales, Marketing, MEM, & Outsourcing operations.

Traditional Trade – Manage Supermarkets, Mini Markets, Groceries, Eateries, Ship chandlers, Wholesalers, and Caterers.

Modern Trade – The Key Account management, trade marketing, sales, merchandising, and delivery to DRCs hypermarkets and supermarkets

Key Accounts – Managing sales of 4 channels (C&G, On-premise, Special Accounts, Vending)

Marketing – Roles include brands BTL support, execute DRC PR activities, manage Events sponsorship and plan Trade Marketing agendas.

MEM – Managing all DRC marketing assets moves, maintenance and tracking.

Outsourcing – covers managing & monitoring all outsourcing activities within DRC that includes structuring of agreements, managing budgets, assessment and selection of suppliers.


  1. OPERATIONS – manufacturing, storing & distributing DRC products at the right time, to the right place with the highest quality service & lowest cost.


  1. HUMAN RESOURCES – is the organizational function in DRC that deals with issues related to people management such as employee services, recruitment and placement of the right talent in the right positions.  In addition, we control all elements associated with public relations, compensation and benefits, performance management, organization development, safety and security, facilities management, organizational capability, career progression and training.



Management Accounts Function - responsible for producing management accounts & financial reports and see how the income is utilized. All comparisons are carried out against budgets which are set or planned at a detailed level every year. The department  accounts ‘put into figures’ the numerous activities of the company  aiding  all departments in assessing the performance of their respective divisions and helping to direct appropriate policy for the utilization of  funds.

Compliance Function – involves statutory audit compliance (quarterly & yearly).

Treasury Function - ensuring the management and control of all funding in relation to Loans and other fixed deposits accounts. All external loan agreements are managed under this area.

Accounts Functions – day to day operational activity such as Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Pricing, Payroll, Cost control etc.

Strategic Planning & Analysis - qualitative analysis of performance measurement & achievement of business objectives both in short term and long term.


  1. PROCUREMENT – is responsible to ensure procurement and timely availability with appropriate quantity of essential materials, equipments, and services, for the day to day operations of DRC, at optimum costs.  Supplier Management also falls under the responsibility of the Procurement Function, and which includes selection of suppliers, suppliers’ evaluation, monitor design and negotiate supplier contractual agreement.


  1. LEGAL – handles all legal matters for DRC which includes general & corporate counsels.


  1. PROJECTS – responsible to coordinate with DRC Management regarding the planning and execution of all major projects.


  1. ICT (Information & Communication Technology) - is an integral part of DRC, operates as a SPOC (Single Point of contact for ALL IT and Telecom Services) towards ICT customers and employees offering end to end solutions for their IT and Telecom service requirements. The department has been established with clear objectives to Increase Customer Satisfaction (Business Management) and reduces total cost of ownership of the ICT investment while maintaining the overall quality of services provided. The department provides series of Services starting from (Application Support Management, Infrastructure Management, Telecommunication Management, Security and thread protection, Backup and Recovery Management, Email and Internet Management, Network Management, ICT Assets Management, Training and awareness, Mobile Access and Remote Connectivity Management) using best practices in IT managements (ITIL) that increase productivity and reduce overhead






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