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Salary Administration

To ensure a fair and equitable reward structure, all the DRC jobs are evaluated and based on an established Job Evaluation System that determines the work content and value of the job to the company. The value of the job is determined by examining different aspects of the job content and the relation of the job's content to the content of other jobs. Job factors are identified in the job evaluation process and determine the job evaluation results. A detailed analysis of the relative content of jobs determines the overall company salary band structure and the compensation related to the salary bands. Every job is assigned to an appropriate salary band.

According to this, the following salary and allowances may be applicable:
Basic salary
Accommodation allowance
Transportation allowance

Increases are given in recognition of promotion from one job or one grade to another. Staff performance appraisals (PDR) are carried out annually. Increments may be given to reward good or improved performance, and/or increased responsibility.

Incentives/commissions to sales staff are paid according to a departmental scheme, while the company operates a performance-related bonus scheme for non-sales staff. These are dependent both on company and individual performances.

Salaries are paid in arrears on or around the 28th of each month by a direct transfer to a bank account of the employee.


Our aim is to encourage the employment, development and progression of Nationals in line with the Company's objectives. DRC will try to attract, motivate and retain nationals in all positions.

In order to achieve this objective, DRC takes the following steps:
Give UAE nationals preference during recruitment provided they meet the requirements of the job;

Provide UAE nationals with training and development opportunities within the guidelines of the training and development policy;

Focus upon and include UAE nationals as part of the annual and long term succession plan;

Be aware of and document the specific areas of interest and career aspirations of national employees and whenever possible provide them with the appropriate opportunities;

Develop and implement a mentoring system for entry level UAE nationals and;

Incorporate a compensation and benefits structure for UAE nationals which will attract, motivate and reward them for their efforts



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