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Teamwork : The ability to foster good relationships within the team such as they assist each other to achieve results.


Leadership : The ability to use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to inspire and guide individuals or groups towards goal achievement. This includes the ability to give team direction and focus and to motivate them to reach goals.


Service Excellence : The ability to determine the needs and manage the expectations of clients and to deliver the products/services to best meet those needs, with a focus on customers.


Commitment : The ability to display willingness and genuine interest in people, stakeholders and products while maintaining composure under pressure. To display emotional maturity.

Effectiveness : The ability to do the right things from the first time.
Respect : The ability to show respect to all our stakeholders and to ourselves.
Winning Attitude : The ability to continuously stay focused and on the look out for growth opportunities.
Integrity : The ability to act with honesty and courtesy.
Result Oriented : The ability to stay focused.

Staff Well-being : The ability to foster growth development for our people, to increase performance in a safe environment.



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