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Blood Donation Campaign at DRC


Organizing and participating in blood donation drive is a part of DRCís Corporate Social Responsibility Program. DRCís 2nd blood donation campaign was held on 12 March 2013, at DRC Dubai Headquarters in collaboration with Dubai Health Authority.  We count on carrying this blood drive 3 times per year.


By donating blood we not only help others but ourselves as well. For individuals prone to iron overload, blood donation prevents the accumulation of iron in toxic quantities. Research has also shown that repeat blood donation is an effective way of reducing blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol. It also stimulates the bone marrow to produce new red blood cells to replenish what the body has lost and refreshes the system


Blood donation is not hazardous and it proves to be a healthy habit that helps blood renewal. The volume of blood donation is 370:400 ml, almost 7.5% of the adult blood volume. It is compensated in a short period of time. Over the years, blood donation has been perceived as a risky procedure, but with modern equipment and the excruciating attention to surgical cleanliness, blood donation is no more dangerous than a stroll in the park.


We thank the DRC Communityís overwhelming support and enthusiasm to this effort, which resulted in 67 successful donations and the Senior Management Team who as usual encouraged their teams to donate by being among the first donors on that day, leading by example. 




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