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Dubai Refreshment (P.J.S.C.) is a landmark in Dubai in more ways than one! Strategically located on interchange number two on the busy Sheikh Zayed Highway, the brand Pepsi is one of the first sights for visitors entering the city. More significant is the fact that the company effectively introduced the Pepsi range of products to the UAE and has been doing the same successfully for over 50 years.

The business began as a limited liability company by Decree of His Highness, The Ruler of Dubai and in July 1994, it amended its status as a Public Shareholding company. In 1962 DRC was appointed as the sole franchisee and distributor for Pepsi Co. The company’s vision has always been to be one of the lower Gulf’s leading beverage companies, driven by top caliber people, equipped with the right tools and solid systems. A wide distribution network ensures Pepsi products are readily available to customers all over the UAE and the world.

Since the factory was established in 1959, DRC has remained at the forefront of the UAE refreshments industry, continually expanding through major investment in the latest bottling technology complemented by the highest levels of Quality Management.

Pepsi Beverages International is one of the largest corporate players in the global soft drink industry, whilst in the UAE, DRC, the first company in the UAE to introduce soft drink manufacturing, has helped establish and maintain the company as the number one soft drink – well ahead of its major competitors.

The Middle East – and the UAE in particular - is one of the key growth markets of the future for Pepsi and with the huge youth population that is emerging in this region, the soft drink market is set to accelerate. DRC and Pepsi intend to invest in a big way to expand distribution, grow the product portfolio and vigorously market brands in order to build a stronger connection with consumers, and realize the growth potential for its business in the UAE.

The product range produced by DRC has grown beyond recognition from those first days of production five decades ago. New line extensions continue to be added and the product portfolio today includes Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi MAX, Mirinda Orange, Mirinda Green Apple, Mirinda Lemon, Mountain Dew, Shani, Evervess Soda, Evervess Tonic, Evervess Ginger Ale as well as 7UP, Diet 7UP and Aquafina Pure drinking water.

In terms of bottling technology, DRC has the largest capacity in the lower Gulf as well as the most advanced PET/Non Returnable Bottle. The number of packages in which the various brands are produced has also increased. At the outset, the company was producing only returnable glass bottles but since then the product range has now been increased to Cans, PET, Non Returnable Bottles and Bag in Box, for postmix machines, all of which are available in different sizes.

Having been operating in Dubai for half a century, Dubai Refreshments is a loyal supporter of a number of the Government of Dubai’s initiatives that have helped firmly establish the Emirate as one of the most exciting destinations on the world map.




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