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Pepsi backs Emarat in new Reverse Vending Machine project

Pepsi has committed to a progressive environmental initiative to clean up the UAE with substantial funding towards Emarat's Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) project.

Pepsi supported Emarat from the project's inception three years ago, spearheading the challenge to positively change community thought and action towards recycling aluminum, glass and plastic materials. After extensive research and commitment, the RVMs are now ready for distribution and the earth-friendly units will be placed in 16 select petrol stations around Dubai and the Northern Emirates by the end of November.

The environmental machines reward customers for returning spent containers to the RVM. Used plastic, glass and aluminum cans inserted into the machine are scanned and a coupon is distributed in return for redemption at Emarat convenience stores.

"Pepsi is continually looking for ways to strengthen the communities in which we live and work," said Peter Dickens, marketing manager, Dubai Refreshments Company. "As an industry leader we strive to ensure our key corporate objectives include and endorse a sustainable future."

"The UAE is one of the highest in the world for per capita waste and Dubai Refreshments Company wants to contribute positively to the progression of sustainable development across the country," he added.

"Reducing, reusing and recycling are all means of protecting the environment from the long-term affects of unnecessary waste. What we do today will ultimately influence the future of our children," said Dickens. "Producing an aesthetically-pleasing and conveniently located way to recycle will encourage individuals to form a habit of returning recyclable items."

Dubai Refreshment Company is the sole franchisee and distributor for PepsiCo products in Dubai and Northern Emirates, and for close on half a century has been a loyal supporter of the many community initiatives that have boosted Dubai onto the list of the top ten best cities to live in.

"Raising environmental awareness is the first step to creating a cleaner, healthier future for Dubai and the Emirates," said Dickens. "Our partnership with Emarat will plant seeds towards moving the city in the right direction to reduce, reuse and recycle."



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