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Dubai Refreshments Company turns over new accounts

Sales…sales.. sales … we’re still doubling our figures, we had an aggressive growth in nearly all our produces compared to last year, which increased our market share.  Aquafina has increasingly taken its label and become the second leading player in Dubai and Northern Emirates in the eateries, along with CSD continues to be the market leaders. 


We had both Pepsi and Aquafina contribute to the traditional Ramadan period sponsoring exclusivity with some of the major hotels such as Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Mina Al Salam, Grand Hyatt, Dusit Dubai, Habtoor Grand Resort & Spa, Le Méridien Al Aqah Beach Resort, etc….


Last but most importantly is our image! We know Dubai is famous for its ‘golden sand and prestige’ image, therefore we’re placing our produces up with some of Dubai’s most elite Hotels such as THE PALACE – The old Town, Four Points Sheraton Sheikh Zayed & Downtown, Raffles Dubai, Emaar Hospitality Group, Emirates Marina Hotel & Residence, Millenium Hotel, etc….




It has been another productive and busy year for DRC with many additional improvements, implementations and upgrades within the organization.  DRC have been extremely excited about the launch of the new Fleet Management System the ‘LocatePlaza GPRS Unit’ device, which will be installed into our vehicles. 


This device will allow us to monitor all our vehicles so we can track drivers location, follow their daily routes and delivery status and all the necessary operations to manage our fleet operations.  This will enable us to provide quality, efficiently and effective customer service to our clients by providing them with prompt service and on time deliveries of products resulting in an increase of profitability with an effective fleet management system in place. 




Our IT Department has also had a busy year with a lot of new updates; mainly our Oracle ERP project which has been implemented across all the departments.  Our new fleet management system will eliminate all manual process throughout DRC and make it all automated.  Another success within the IT department is the HHT implementation project, this has been installed into our trucks and allows the driver to instantly generate automated invoice to the customer when delivering the goods on the spot. DRC are the first bottlers manufacture to introduce both the ERP and HHT system together.


We have also installed a complete automated ‘employee time attendance’ integrated with the ERP system accordingly to the UAE Labour Laws.


Our IT department have also developed and implemented a complete automated COOP module software, which has been designed, developed and intergraded by DRC internal IT Staff.  Coop is a financial modules purely developed by DRC to cater the financial transactions between DRC and PBI.   The software is responsible for budgets, fact sheets, cdfs, expenditures etc.  All these functions are normally done manually; however, our new COOP software has the capacity to manage all these functions.  We are the only bottle manufacturing company to use such a sophisticated efficient software to manage these task.




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