We offer those who join Dubai Refreshments a distinctive value proposition – the opportunity to be the best you can be, really make a difference and have a great time doing it. So what does this mean?

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We know that building a market connected achievement culture is a key part of our transformation into becoming the lower Gulf’s leading beverage company.

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We strive to maximize the capability of the entire organization and its employees. We provide a full spectrum of in-house talent development programs including the creation, implementation and ongoing co-ordination of related individual development plans and a strategy for coaching. We aim to provide leadership development, career progression programs and succession planning in line with the company’s HR strategy and overall business goals. We continuously strive to provide the right development tools to our employees.

If you aspire to this, then you may be the right person for us.


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I have been with DRC for the past 12 years going on 13 in September 2018. I started as a van salesman and climbed up to a supervisory position in May of 2015. It has indeed been a long and very fruitful journey. Along the way I’ve met and worked with people from many different cultures have learned from each one of them whilst sharing with them what I know. DRC is not just a big company that provides jobs, but also provides a lot of career and personal development opportunities, which I have been fortunate to avail. It is a great experience to work with DRC in general and has been a blessing to all of its employees.

Justiniano Cruz - TDS Modern Trade Channel

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Life is great at DRC and better than at other companies, feels like family. The company runs a very positive attitude when working with multiple nationalities and I wouldn’t give up DRC for anything else.

Salesman – Azad - Nationality – Indian

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Life is good and comfortable and it’s a great feeling to work at DRC, The culture is like family, all nationalities sit together to discuss ideas and express our thoughts. It is a great place to gain experience and benefit from the company’s reputation and profile.

Salesman – Karim - Nationality – Pakistan

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It had been a very content and satisfying 8 years in DRC. The company culture runs on respect of each individual. It is always fun to work for a big company with a good reputation in the market; I feel proud everyday to sell DRC products with great confidence.

Salesman – Ahmed - Nationality – Egyptian

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It’s been great working with DRC, which is very supportive towards each employee’s passion. Being a Mechanical Engineer by profession, my greatest fulfillment and opportunity was when we re-designed/ upgraded machines to increase capacity & efficiency. I’m very thankful to DRC for the support and this initiative. With all the many successful line projects that we’ve accomplished, I’m blessed working with a very good maintenance team and a company, which encourages everyone’s development and pursuit of excellence. Been working with DRC for 9 great years, another 9 years will be phenomenal!

Alberto Eusena - Mechanical Engineer

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As my 10 years with Dubai Refreshment continues to flourish I truly enjoy being here. Working in a team with different personalities, talents and competencies has always inspired me. It is very motivating to be part of such a dynamic organization. Being a full time student and a full time employee for 4 years was not possible if not for the support of the management, which gave me the opportunity to experience professional work while I was still a student. An added bonus is the friendly atmosphere of the office. It is a great pleasure being part of Dubai Refreshment.

Miskia Hussain - Executive Secretary

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I have been working at DRC for over 4 years and I feel I am growing with the company every day. I face challenges constantly but I have an amazing team around me like a family. So I consider myself lucky to work for one of the top work places in UAE that have a comfortable and pleasant working environment.

Gawri Bastian - Accounts Assistant - Finance


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